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In late 2020 our students came up with the ideal of a school community mural, and so after a very disruptive couple of years it was great to see their idea being realised in 2022.

This was every bit a student led initiative with students selecting the artist Mulga, workshopping with Mulga on the mural design and participating in 3 days of mural painting workshops to paint the mural. This opportunity for students to help define this physical space and be engaged in the artistic process connects them to the art but also informs others of the community identity and story and tangible demonstration of the value of public art created and linked to the local community.

A great example of the school community working together, providing great opportunities for our students, and demonstrating how ideas can be achieved through teamwork and collaboration. A big thank you to Mulga, The Wall Station, all the school staff, the school P&C and Randwick City Council who provided funding through their Community Creative

funding stream for this project.

If you or your child are interested in Mulga's artwork check out his page below, He has shared with us a

coupon code rainbow which will give you 20% off any of his merch.

Randwick City Counci - digital stacked.JPG
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