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There are various communication channels we use at Rainbow Street to ensure everyone has an opportunity to be accurately informed and connected.  To be helpful, here are the various communition channels used by both the school and your P&C.  It is our hope that by being aware of these communication channels you will always feel connected to our school community and know what is going on at school.

School Newsletter "Rainbow Street Rambler"

The Rainbow Rambler is published each Friday and copies emailed to families. If your email address has changed, please notify the Office so that we can ensure that the Rainbow Rambler is sent to the correct address. The Rainbow Rambler is also available for download from the school website or through the School Stream app. You can even access historical Newsletters here>>

Rainbow Street Public School website

Our school’s DET website is an original landing page for an overview about the school. It’s main function is the ability to pay voluntary contributions to our public school fees and for other events such as excursions. It’s a good starting point to direct future students to learn about the school. The key feature of our official DET website is the ability to make online payments for school fees and school activities or events.

School Stream App

Along with the weekly newsletter the school stream app is used for reminders, school events and time critical notifications from the school. i.e., incidents, change in pickup arrangements, evacuations etc. Download the school stream app for free from the play store or app store.

Class Lists and Class Parent Representatives

During the year, parents and carers are emailed by a class parent representative, to keep you all informed of what is going on in your child's classroom and at school. Sometimes your child's teacher may wish to contact the parents and carers from their class via this method.  These lists are invaluable in forming class groups and making connections with other parents in your class.

Please sign up here:

P&C Website

This website include invaluable information not only on P&C events and initiatives but a range of helpful information for parents.  School canteen, calendar of important school and P&C events, details of extracurricular activities 

Want to be the first to know when we are holding a 2nd hand uniform sale, P&C event, get involved, volunteer or just when the next P&C meeting is, then subscribe to our website and never miss an update or opportunity.

P&C Facebook Page

Make sure to like our P&C Facebook page which we use to celebrate all of our community initiatives.

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