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Parent Representative Needed for AP Special Education and Classroom Teacher Merit Selection Panels

Are you interested in helping select a new Assistant Principal Special Education and classroom teacher at our school? Contact us at

Merit selection is one way in which school staff can be appointed to positions within a school and involves a panel being formed which includes a parent representative.

The parents representative’s role is to represent the interests of the students, parents and the school community in the selection of school staff.

The panel is required to meet and draft the ad by the end of Week 3 (28 October 2022). Expectation is that there will be quite a few applications so the commitment would be:

  • Ad writing – usually a couple of hours (during school hours)

  • Time for reading the applications prior to shortlisting (NOTE: The time this will take is dependent on the number of applications received)

  • Shortlisting – a full day (during school hours)

  • Interviews – a full day (during school hours)

Online training is provided for new panel members and you don't need to be a P&C member, just a parent/carer who wants to be part of an important process in the school staff section. Department of Education and P&C Federation guide

Please contact us at if you are interested.

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