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Read the new P&C Constitution

We can now hold Virtual Meetings! Due to restrictions on public meetings, the P&C Federation has successfully advocated on behalf of NSW P&C Associations to amend the Prescribed Constitution (the constitution of P&C Associations that are incorporated) to allow P&C Associations to meet virtually. The amendments are:

  1. If face to face meetings are not possible, P&C Associations may hold a meeting at 2 or more venues using any technology that gives the members as a whole an opportunity to participate effectively in that meeting. This allows P&C Associations to host virtual meetings or hybrid meetings with a mixture of face to face and virtual platform/s) agreed upon by the members.

  2. The quorum required for P&C Associations with 50 or more members was previously 11 (eleven). This has now been changed to 10 (ten).

Face to face meetings will remain the preferred method for P&C Associations to meet so no-one is disadvantaged or excluded from participating.

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