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Kiss and Drop Extension - Implemented

The Kiss and Drop extension on Rainbow Street has now been implemented and it is now up all of us to ensure everyone uses it appropriately. Please ensure everyone follows the road rules and make it a safe trip to and from school.

  • The No Parking restriction allows you to stop for two minutes and stay within 3 metres of your car – it is designed specifically for dropping off or picking up students

  • The two minutes begins from when you stop the vehicle – you cannot sit in your vehicle waiting to collect your child.

  • The penalty for not using the zone correctly is a fine of $215 and the loss of 2 (two) demerit points (because you are in a school zone).

  • Randwick City Council Rangers and parking officers have been requested to patrol the area to ensure that everyone is using it correctly.

  • For the safety of ALL children in the vicinity – please do not reverse park into a gap in the zone. It’s much better if you spend a few moments waiting for the area to clear and pull up to the top of the queue. Thank you for helping improve the safety around our school.


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