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Great News - Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

For the past 18 months your P&C and Ms Sayers have been working with Randwick City Council and Transport for NSW to address several pedestrian safety concerns for our school community. At times this has been extremely frustrating and slow process but well worth the effort given it involves the safety of our students and children.

So, we have received some great news from Randwick City Council that helps address these concerns with changes planned for the Kiss and Drop on Rainbow Street and Young Street at the rear of the school.

Rainbow Street Kiss and Drop

We have consistently maintained that the Kiss and Drop zone at the front of our school on Rainbow Street is inadequate for our growing school community with an extension west adjacent to Paine Reserve our preferred solution. Transport for NSW have now reviewed the current arrangements and propose to extend the Kiss and Drop zone to 17 spaces, effectively doubling the current capacity. This proposal will go through a community consultation phase prior to implementation. We will advise once we have further updates and confirmed dates for implementation.

Young Street

Randwick City Council has agreed to temporary widen the footpath on Young Street at the back of the school as we work towards a permanent solution post stage 2 Newmarket construction. This should take place within the next month and will widen a 60-metre section of the footpath by 2 metres from our back driveway to past the Scout Hall.

Big thanks to MS Sayers, Randwick City Council, Councillor Veitch and Councillor Hay who, along with your P&C have been quietly working and lobby for these changes for some time. #teamwork #abouttime #nevergiveup #notdoneyet

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